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IE1 RCA Audiophile Switchbox

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RCA Switchbox IE2

The IE2 Audiophile RCA Switchbox  is a passive device that allows connection of 6 tape recorders to your preamplifier.  The Elma 6 position selector we use is a very high-grade switch that has virtually no sound degradation. Vampire RCA’s with high-grade enclosure and wiring completes the package.

Designed primarily for playback purposes, this Input Expander could also be used for the recording section designating the Record out signal to your various tape recorders. More applications listed below. Best to keep in mind, the more inputs that you use, increases the possibility of ground loops as this device shares a common ground with your other inputs. We do offer a discrete RCA switch box, the IE1 that switches both. Should you buy this and encounter the issue, we will offer a return to upgrade option.


RCA Switchbox Applications

1 x IE2

  • Input expander for 6 Tape Playback or Phono inputs
  • 6 Recording Input
  • 1 preamplifier output to 6 amplifiers
  • A/B switch for comparing cables
  • Tonearm expander for 6 tonearms

2 x IE2

  • Connect the outputs from 1 TP1 to to another TP1 for a total of 11 line level inputs
  • 6 sources can be sent to 11 preamplifiers – Is that a stretch ?

And there will be more applications for an Input Expander like this. Just imagine!



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