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The DB2, tube or valve type tape head preamplifier has been designed by David Berning who has been tape enthusiast all his life. He originally built one of these over a decade ago for himself, well before any of the new generation of TH preamps hit the market. The original plan was to use that design but as he got into this project, his level of enthusiasm was roused and the end result is quite different and promises to be truly amazing. Designed from the ground up with and a super analytical approach, Dave believes this will be really great and coming from him, that says a lot!
Featuring a separate tube power supply the DB2 boasts an adjustable gain up to over 100 dB.

We expect the first production models in fall 2024.

Contact us if you want updates or more information on the DB2 tape head preamplifier.


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Weight5 kg
Dimensions4 × 10 × 7 mm

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