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Tape Head Preamplifier DB1

Designed by David Berning, the DB1 solid-state tape head preamplifier is our attempt to bring leading edge design into the relatively affordable category. Utilizing an external power supply with solid-state electronics brings an incredibly low noise floor with a lot more gain than most preamplifiers. DB is a perfectionist in his electronic designs and the six EQ settings available on this pre are as accurate as you can get.  With three individually adjustable input gain stages, this tape head pre can serve discerning tape enthusiasts with multiple tape recorders. When coupled with a good stable R-R transport, the DB1 will reveal that there is a whole new layer of hidden, sonic complexity and detail available through the range of tape offerings, whether they be older pre-record or new 15 IPS versions. Aspects of the music you never knew existed on tapes that you may have had for years. 


Equalization Settings– 7.5 IPS NAB, 7.5 IPS IEC, 15 IPS IEC, Phono RIAA

S/N– Better than 105dB

Inputs– (3) Gain Adjustable to 100+ dB

Output– RCA, Impedance- 50 ohms – 24V Max.

Voltages– 115  (100 and 230 on request)

Dimensions– DB1 Pre – 13.25 x 3.75 x 10.5″ (34 x 10 x 27cm)


Weight– DB1 Pre 15Lbs – 6.8kg

Designed and Manufactured in North America

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Additional information

Weight6.8 kg
Dimensions340 × 100 × 270 mm

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