Tape Head Pre TP1

 Take your reel-to-reel tape deck to the next level! Comparisons between reel-to-reel tape recorders and expensive turntables are inevitable. Without engaging debate, phono preamplifiers have improved significantly over the years and yet have great similarities to tape head preamplifiers. The electronics in 1980’s tape recorders is old news. By taking the signal directly off the playback head and running it through a great preamplifier, you enter into a vast new arena of sound possibilities. 
Put quite simply, the quality of playback electronics in these older tape recorders is not remotely in the same league as what’s being offered now.
Enter  Analog High Fidelity (AHF) with a midpriced, top-end, tape head preamplifier. Using state-of-the-art electronic components with a hybrid of some of the best vacuum tube designs from the late 50s, we bring tape listening to new heights.
In high-end audio, diminishing returns with subtle improvements, tends to be the norm. Not so with [this product] [the TP series preamps]. Whether you are comparing a state-of-the-art turntable or improving an existing R-R tape recorder, this is potentially one of the most significant upgrades you can do. Whether you are running 15 IPS master tapes or the older pre-recorded tapes, the AHF TP series Preamps  will take your system  to a surprising new level, at the cost of a decent photo cartridge.   

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