– As our preamplifiers are all assembled by hand, we anticipate advance ordering will likely be the norm. We would like to be as versatile as possible, offering a decent variety of options, which are as follows…

– Head Connector cable
– Black faceplate
– 4 RCA Inputs
– Balanced Line
– 100 or 230v
– Variable EQ
– AME, AES, CBS, NAB and CCIR Equalization


This depends on the tape recorder and your preferred method. Most capable service shops can do this quite quickly. Here are the options… 

1. Tape head to preamp direct 

Disconnect the four wires from your playback head and solder the supplied interconnect to the heads (unless your deck uses a head plug)  it will be necessary to harness this wire in some fashion close to the headblock so there will be no movement on the new connection.

2. internal routing through the Deck 

 Same as #1  but the wiring goes through the tape deck and is hooked up to an installed set of female RCAs on the rear panel of the deck. Alternately, you can avoid the RCA’s for better sound and just have the interconnect coming out the back of the deck

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