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IE1 RCA Audiophile Switchbox

The IE1 Input Expander is a passive RCA switch box that allows connection of 6 components to your preamplifier.
Featuring discrete switching, this audiophile device switches both the positive and negative of the signal. Most RCA switch boxes use a common ground (connecting all your tape recorders or components together) which has the potential to create a ground loop, often resulting in a low frequency hum or other noise.
The more devices you connect, the greater the likelihood of ground loops.
If you have been running multiple inputs, the IE1 will surprise you at how quiet it is.

What’s in the box?
Elma switches are often used in higher end audio but in this case we are using an Elma which is 5x more expensive. The switch is located right near the rear panel for short wire runs using Gotham pure copper into high quality RCA’s.
A cartridge bearing is located on the back of the front panel to secure the connecting shaft, that produces a solid positive feel on the knob rotation.
We designed this with a heavy solid chassis that will hold its own against seven RCA cables pulling this way and that.

Designed primarily for playback purposes, this RCA Input Expander could also be used for the recording section designating the Record out signal to your various tape recorders.


1 x IE1

  • Input expander for 6 Tape Playback or Phono inputs
  • 6 Recording Inputs
  • 1 preamplifier output to 6 amplifiers
  • A/B switch for comparing cables
  • Tonearm expander for 6 tonearms

2 x IE1

  • Connect the outputs from 1 TP1 to to another TP1 for a total of 11 line level inputs
  • 6 sources can be sent to 11 preamplifiers – Is that a stretch ?

And there will be more applications for a device like this. Just imagine!



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Dimensions4 × 10 × 7 mm

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