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Tape Head Preamplifier TP1

The TP1 is a solid-state tape head preamplifier with 60+ DB gain, with an incredibly low noise floor. In its prototype stage, we used traditional high-grade, through-hole components that were point-to-point wired and the results were stunning.

The designer of said preamp promised even better results using modern SMD surfacemount components, which are not as common in audio circles. The explanation is that for almost a decade, component manufacturers have been investing their R&D in SMD and Steve explained that the quality that they are getting out of the componentry is better for audio when selected carefully. We remained sceptical but open to suggestion.
The end result was a really excellent improvement in dynamic and even quieter. The musicality of this device will take any reel to reel tape recorder to new levels.
The TP1 is suitable for following equalization settings NAB, IEC 7.5 and IEC 15 with adjustable gain and EQ trim.
Many purists might object to having this EQ trim which adjusts the treble levels, but we know once you sample it, you will find it very handy for adjusting to your various tapes and getting your preferred sound.
Input switching for three different tape recorders makes this super versatile for hard-core tape enthusiasts.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 7 cm


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