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Tape Head Preamplifier TP1

We want you to know what’s inside the box.

In designing the TP1 Tape Head Pre, we utilized Top-of-the-line Audio grade components throughout including

  • Elma switching
  • Real VU meters (UK made)
  • Vampire RCA’s
  • WIMA Polypropelene film capacitors
  • 1% Vishay MBB Resistors
  • High Grade Wire throughout

How does it sound?
A modern hybrid of a classic tube design from the late 1950’s that delivers a great, rich, three-dimensional soundstage with a dynamic in the mid to bass spectrum that is more typical of solid-state. Lower noise floor and solid bass. No matter what tape recorder you have, as long as it has a good transport, you can begin hearing detail and dynamics, like you’ve never heard before.

In the words of the designers, ” There’s no way any other product in the market can justify its price, as we just cannot improve on this in any way, unless we add Duelund capacitors (our favorite) in the signal path.

A 3rd model in our lineup will be added in the fall of 2023, the TP3 with the excellent, yet pricey Duelund capacitors. Our two new Preamplifiers are now in production and will be available in Fall 2023.

Contact us if you want updates or more information on the TP-1.




Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 7 cm


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